You’ve got everything you need to win with Local Leader ….but what if we could help you do it faster and better?

Unlock The EXTREME Features Of Local Leader To Get Personalized Branding & Higher Email Deliverability To Reach Your Clients

Significantly increase your email deliverability with our email verification, additional website based data and a special export feature that makes you look good!


Why Should You Get This Upgrade?

There are 3 important reasons behind the creation of this Extreme Upgrade.

If you’ll give me just three minutes I’ll make it clear why you not only “should”, but “must” grab this upgrade at the low price you see below

First reason is to jack up the quality of emails you get from Local Leader and do the same for the emails that are already on your list.

Let’s be honest, for online marketers like us our list is our lifeblood. Sure there are other streams of income people have, but without a list, we won’t see the real income that is possible in our chosen profession.

So that’s why, to people like you and me, email addresses are everything.

Why? Because study after study has found that email is the number one channel to produce the highest return on investment for digital marketers. Once study showed that for every ONE dollar spent on list generation we see an average of $38 in revenue.

That’s pretty significant.

Another study showed a problem with any list of email addresses: they start to degrade. And they do it pretty quickly.

The study revealed that every year any email list will show a reduction in actual, verified email address of about 22%.

Some simple math would tell you that means in about three years half of your email addresses are no longer valid.

Basically, most people don’t realize just how many incorrect email addresses are on their list. If you’ve spent any time in marketing, you know how often your emails bounce back to you or end up in spam. Our built-in email verification makes sure your leads are actual, genuine emails before you send and risk hurting your domain reputation.

Now, you may be asking, “Aren’t the emails that come with Local Leader Commercial good enough?”

And yes they are, but they have not been verified. Verification is a different process that has a cost attached to it. The leads have been collected from multiple sources, but ultimately they run that same 22% risk we mentioned earlier. It's just not cost effective for us to run every email we gather through the verification process as it would send the price through the roof.

What our email verification features do is verify the emails of leads you are going to be reaching out to. This gives you a significant advantage over just the list of emails you get with the Commercial version.

You choose which leads you are going to mail to and then you verify those emails. This process will dramatically increase your inboxing rate. Which is the key, first step to converting your leads into clients.

The more inboxes you get in and the more spam folders you avoid, the better your domain reputation becomes. The better your domain reputation becomes the more likely you are to have your offers being opened by your leads.

Speaking of the emails offers you are sending. We don’t want you to have to guess at what to say. So we put our top copy writers to work and had them generate a whole bunch of cold emails to send as offers.

These Cold Email Swipes are ready for you to customize them with your information and send them to your leads.

We are giving you more than 15 cold email swipes that are designed for the hottest, most in demand services in every niche: Website, Facebook page, Google My Business and lots more.

That’s why we have integrated these two significant upgrades directly into your Cold Email Module with this upgrade.

I hope reason number one has shown you that with this upgrade you’ll be able to move forward with 100% confidence that your leads and your offers are properly vetted and allow you to make a great impression.

Combining validated emails and professionally written swipes will help you profit more than you could have imagined!

Reason Number One took the information you already had (emails) and made them even better.

Reason Number Two will give you even more information about every single business that you see in your search results. These additional data points for each lead can significantly increase your click-through rate.

As people realize you have done your research and are ready to help them with all their pain points.

It shouldn’t surprise you that the more you know about your lead’s business the better offer you can make to them.

The more informed your initial email you send to them is the more likely they are to respond and become a paying client.

And, in full disclosure, you do realize that by adding just ONE client you could easily pay for not only this upgrade, but your entire Local Leader investment. And that’s just after their first payment to you.

After that you are fully in the black and will continue seeing great results.

So landing that first client can be a real game changer. 

Perhaps even a life changer. 

So we wanted to make it even easier for you if you are ready to go Extreme.

You may ask: Why didn’t you just include these data points with the Commercial version?

It’s basically the same answer as Reason Number One: cost.

There is a cost to adding these additional data points and you’ll see why in just a moment.

You see, the Commercial version, alone, is for those persons who just want to take a first step. They are usually not ready to fully commit to their new endeavor. So they don’t pick up any upgrades.

We know that serious entrepreneurs, like you, are ready to get past the initial offer and see how Local Leader can truly change their lives.

So we keep the Commercial price low and include features that don’t cost very much on our end. That’s a win-win.

But people like you and I want more. So we went out on a limb and put together the Extreme upgrade. This will allow you to see significant increases in everything, including your bottom line. But of course there’s an additional cost involved.

But you knew that.

Because you know value.

You understand ROI (return on investment).

Because of that we are adding the following data points to every search you do:

Google Analytics: Google analytics is free to use and free to install. But, according to Google, 46% of business websites do not use it. 

That’s nearly half. So if you do a search in Local Leader for lawyers in Detroit and get 500 results. 230 of them are NOT using Google Analytics.

That’s a lot of services you could offer. Perhaps your initial offer is to do it for free.

Then offer a 30 minute follow up session to explain to them what the numbers mean.

Then as you connect with them in person or over a Zoom call you share the value of the data they are now collecting.

You explain how they can profit from this data. They will quickly realize that you are the person to go to for all things digital.

You present an offer to help them grow their business with Google Ad Words and other services.

You now have a paying client. 

The small investment you make today in yourself with Local Leader Extreme is very insignificant compared to the pride you’ll feel at finally making local digital marketing work for you.

Another very profitable data point is WordPress usage. A profitable service you can offer is maintaining and creating content for WordPress sites.You now have a paying client. 

WordPress for business is huge: 62% of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the US use WordPress.

But there are regular updates that WordPress releases that require users to manage the site. These updates often create security holes which must be fixed. Not to mention the need to regularly add content to those sites.

Shopify status will also be revealed in your searches. This online stores are only helpful if they are being updated.

Offering a monthly service (for a fee!) to add and update a Shopify site can put money in your pocket, regularly.

Is the Website Mobile Friendly? You’ll have that info with just a glance for every lead in your search.

But why is this important?

In 2021 53.9% of all online purchases were made on a mobile device. If a company’s website is not mobile friendly, people will move on to one that is.

This service is something that will immediately show results and can easily be tracked. 

Finally you’ll know if their website is using an SEO Schema. What is that? You’ve probably seen them on Google, but didn’t realize what they were.

They are the best way to get your website to page one on searches. This service can really impress a client here is a sample:

It will also result in a significant growth in their foot traffic and profits.

SEO Schema’s can seem very intimidating to the average person. But a simple search on Fiverr will find you plenty of people you can sub-contract the job to.

With this upgrade you’ll have four more data points for some of the hottest service offerings for local businesses.

Another great way to profit from Local Leader is to sell your leads to other agencies and companies that are looking for leads. This can be very profitable.

Hubspot noted that many industries are paying well over $150/lead. With your access to such highly targeted and verified leads you will be able to demand those numbers as well.

This is no joke. Selling leads is big money and we want to make sure you look good doing it.

With this upgrade we make sure you look good to your clients with a customizable PDF export function.

With this upgrade you’ll have no problem getting local businesses to pay you top dollar for your leads.

The Deluxe Upgrade Is OVERFLOWING With Value That Keeps Giving & Giving Every Month!

We’re upgrading your Cold Email Module with a Built-in Email Verification

Plus we’re gonna load up the Email Verification feature with 2,000 email verification credits. EVERY MONTH*

We’re adding WordPress to your search results - offer relevant content and maintenance services.

You’ll know if they are using Shopify. A great way to offer e-commerce based services.

SEO Schema data will be listed as well. This can be big.

Determine if their site is mobile friendly. If not, you can help them…for a fee.

We’ll also pack your Upgraded Cold Email module with 15+ cold email swipes for top local services.

You’ll look great when you send your upgraded export feature. Now you can add your branding and save them as a PDF that you can send to your agency clients.

Google Analytics data is unlocked as well. We want you to have access to the data that has proven to be most profitable for lead generation.

Don’t wait any longer…prices go up after the launch!

There’s no need to sit quietly and hope that you can get highly targeted leads.

Leads that you can then send offers to address the pain points and struggles.

They may not have the time to set up their Google Analytics or understand why it can be so helpful to the success of their business.

They may not even know what an “SEO Schema” is (most don’t!), but they do the know the value of getting on page one of Google.

Local Leader Extreme will identify ALL of these needs in EVERY lead. Then we pumped up our Cold Email Module so you can send a highly targeted email to EVERY lead, EVERY time.

Local Leader Is The HIGH OCTANE 

Upgrade That Will Help You Quickly Accelerate your Profitable Pace.

Putting You WAAAAAAY Out Front Of Those Who Just Go With The Commercial Version


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Per Month

  • UPGRADED Cold Email Module
  • 2,000 Email Verification Credits Per Month*
  • Built-in Email Verification Engine
  • Built-in 15+ Cold Email Swipes for top local services
  • UPGRADED Search Data Points Engine.
  • Adds WordPress Data
  • Adds Shopify Data
  • Adds SEO Schema Data
  • Adds Mobile Ready Data
  • Adds Google Analytics Data
  • UPGRADED PDF Export Feature With Branding


  • DFY Outreach Emails
  • Our Top 100 Affiliate Marketing Emails


Per Year

  • UPGRADED Cold Email Module
  • 2,000 Email Verification Credits Per Month*
  • Built-in Email Verification Engine
  • Built-in 15+ Cold Email Swipes for top local services
  • UPGRADED Search Data Points Engine.
  • Adds WordPress Data
  • Adds Shopify Data
  • Adds SEO Schema Data
  • Adds Mobile Ready Data
  • Adds Google Analytics Data
  • UPGRADED PDF Export Feature With Branding


  • DFY Outreach Emails
  • Our Top 100 Affiliate Marketing Emails



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And if at any time during this period, you feel that Local Leader Extreme doesn’t meet your expectations somehow…


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